Infusing tea is like taking a deep breath. You see the tea leaves unfolding, their cells
steadily and quietly open up to the water. Drinking tea opens our mind and senses to
the joy of living in this world.

Brewing tea starts with talking to the tea farmers. Our wide range of teas features
different cultivars from several regions, grown and processed with different methods.
Each variable, including the specific field and harvest year, contributes to its unique

All of our teas are grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers so that
everyone can enjoy them in our tearoom and at home with peace of mind and in good

To us Toka is a laboratory for Japanese tea. We aim to foster new perspectives and
tastes, to promote sustainable practices, and to inspire a shift in attitudes towards
the essentials of food and life.

Our name Toka, literally “winter and summer”, comes from an old Chinese classic
which says that pine trees are as fresh and green in winter as in summer because
they grow deeply connected to the universal principles of life.

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