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taste our taste.

At Toka each morning our work starts in the same way.
We visit a nearby shrine to collect fresh well water with which to brew the day’s tea.
Our tearoom, located in a 100-year-old Kyoto townhouse, is simple and serene, a place to calm the mind,
to enjoy easy conversations, drink delicious teas, and to re-connect to the essentials.
We offer a wide range of unique organic Japanese green teas, an assortment of varietals from different fields and years.
Enjoy your tea alongside our original organic cacao from Hawaii
or fresh Japanese sweets made each morning by our favored Kyoto wagashiya.
We’ll guide you through brewing your selection so that you may enjoy the subtle changes of flavor through several infusions.
If you prefer low or no caffeine teas, we offer roasted teas and a special lemon verbena herb tea from the south of Germany.

Next to the tearoom you will find Nichinichi, a gallery /shop specializing in tea ceramics and fine Japanese crafts.