toka tearoom toka tearoom

Each morning our work starts in the same way. We visit a nearby shrine and draw
fresh water from a well.

We boil the water, let you choose the tea leaves, put them in an earthen teapot,
and brew the tea in front of you.

Our intimate six seat counter-style tearoom is located in a 100-year-old Kyoto town
house, which lets you feel the refined taste and superb level of traditional Japanese
craftsmanship. It is a place to calm the mind, enjoy easy conversations, and drink
delicious teas. We invite you to linger and get inspired.

You can choose from a wide range of unique organic Japanese green teas including
different cultivars produced in different regions with different cultivation and
processing methods, as well as teas from different fields and harvest years.

Each tea is special and we strive to brew each one in a way that will bring out the best
of its character. Please enjoy the subtle changes of flavor throughout several infusions.

Taste our taste.