冬夏 tearoom toka

Our intimate six seat counter-style tearoom is located in a 100-year-old Kyoto town house. The building stands right above a rich vein of groundwater which has been regarded as one of the finest in Kyoto since olden times.

We boil water freshly drawn from our own well, put the tea leaves in an earthen teapot, and brew the tea in front of you.

You can choose from a wide range of unique organic Japanese green teas including different cultivars produced in different regions with different cultivation and processing methods, as well as teas from different fields and harvest years. We work with organic tea farmers from all over Japan to serve you individual green teas.

Each tea is special and we strive to brew each one in a way that will bring out the best of its character. Please enjoy the subtle changes of flavor throughout several infusions.

We invite you to experience completely new facets of Japanese tea. Taste our taste.

Tea is served together with handmade organic cacao from Hawaii or fresh Japanese sweets from our favorite wagashi maker in Kyoto.


We are serving tea with two seasonal courses: “波自 HAJI” to taste one type of tea flavor, or “白土 HAKUDO” to compare two different teas. In the case of reservation, the menu is only “白土 HAKUDO”.

・白土 HAKUDO 3,900 yen(two varieties of tea and sweets and cacao)
・波自 HAJI 2,100 yen(one variety of tea and sweets or cacao)
(tax included)


We are open from 11:00 to 18:00 and closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Walk ins are welcome at any time.
You also can reserve seats or the whole tearoom in advance in one of the following time slots. In the case of reservation, the menu is only “白土 HAKUDO”.

(1) 11:00 ~
(2) 13:00 ~
(3) 14:30 〜
(4) 16:00 〜

Please note we can only accept reservations from customers who agree to our cancellation policy (see below).
We ask for your understanding in this matter.


Please reserve from below link.

If you have today reservation or any concerns, please call to us.
TEL +81 75-254-7533 (11:00-18:00 Tuesday and Wednesday closed)

When making a reservation, please provide the following information.

(1) Your name
(2) Number of guests
(3) Preferred time slot
(4) Telephone number
(5) Food allergies or aversions
(6) Special notes (celebrations, etc.)


When you make a reservation, we will reserve the tearoom at your preferred time slot only for you.
If you would like to reserve the tearoom privately for fewer people, you can do so for an additional fee as follows.

1 person: 25,000 yen
2 people: 20,000 yen
3 people: 15,000 yen
4 people: 8,000 yen
5 people: 4,000 yen
(tax included)


Please refrain from taking photos in the tearoom. 


  • ・Please contact us by phone before 12:00 the previous day to cancel or alter your reservation.
  • ・We cannot accept cancellations by email, text, or other messaging service.
  • ・Cancellations requested by any means other than phone will incur a cancellation fee.
  • ・Please note that if you arrived more than 15 minutes after your reservation time without phone calling to us, your seat would not be reserved.
  • ・Cancellation without notification:
    A cancellation fee of 3,900 yen per person (plus the additional charge for private use reservation) will be charged.


TEL +81 75-254-7533 (11:00-18:00 Tuesday and Wednesday closed)