Collection: KYÛSU

Teapot with side handle

A kyûsu is a teapot useful for brewing all kinds of tea, from common sencha to hôjicha. It can be used both for teas brewed at lower and higher temperatures however we recommend you don’t use the same teapot for both green teas with delicate flavor and teas with strong aroma such as black tea or herbal tea.

Our kyûsu-teapots are thrown by Mitsuo Morioka from either Bizen or Azumino clay. He fires the unglazed ware for around seven days in his noborigama (climbing kiln) using red pine wood. The unpredictable flow of heat and flames creates varied atmospheres and temperatures in different areas of the kiln resulting in a truly unique patina on each pot, distinct in color and sheen. Morioka’s teaware is fired at high temperature and is very durable. The precise position of the handle, the spout and the built in tea strainer ensures there is no dripping or overflow when pouring.

  • kyûsu (Bizen clay)
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