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Gokou is a cultivar originally bred for gyokuro but we have requested that it be left unshaded and processed as sencha. This tea has a sweet aroma reminiscent of flower nectar followed by a nutty flavor giving the tea a rich impression. It is a variety originating in Kyoto.

Category: Sencha (cultivated without pesticides or chemical fertilizers)
Cultivar: Gokou
Origin: Wazuka, Kyoto Prefecture
Harvest: May 2024
Net Weight: 50g
SKU: TS1124wh

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Brewing Guidelines

This is how we brew this tea at Tearoom Toka. We offer these guidelines as a reference. Variations in water (hard or soft), leaf and water quantity, water temperature, and steeping time will effect the final flavor. Feel free to experiment and find the brew that best suits your taste.


Leaves: 8g
Water: 60ml
Temperature: starting from 35°C
Time: 110 sec


Add the tea leaves to a pre-warmed teapot. When the boiled water has cooled to the desired temperature, add and steep for the selected time. When pouring, the key is to decant each infusion down to the last drop. From the second infusion on, gradually raise the temperature of the hot water and shorten the extraction time. You may increase the amount of water as well.



Color〈deep ever green〉

Shape〈sword tip 〉

Fragrance〈those days laying down on the lawn, rush, watermelon rind, jasmine, mango, mayonnaise, sweet potato 〉

Taste〈dried tuna, almond, fried tofu, sweet sake, dried baby sardines〉


Color〈russet tinged yellow-green〉

Fragrance (brewed tea) 〈jasmine, mandarine, rice cracker〉

Fragrance (steeped leaves)〈forest wind blowing, peanuts, celery, potato, tuna〉

Sweetness〈nashi, flower nectar, apple, brown rice〉

Astringency〈chestnut skin, bittern, burdock〉

Umami〈tuna, white rice, peanut butter, sesame, sardine〉

Bitterness〈sweet potato, green pepper, bitter gourd〉

Acidity〈citrus somewhere 〉


Hour〈02:07 p.m.〉

Sweets〈marron chantilly 〉